Fundraising from home

A few ideas to help you get started…


If you are staying at home and therefore not spending money travelling to work, would you be willing to donate your commute money to us? Even if your commute costs are relatively low absolutely every penny makes a huge difference to our work.


Would you have the self-discipline to go an entire 24 hours without talking? We bet there are many partners out there who would be secretly hoping this could be the case! But in all seriousness, if you could take on this challenge then simply set up a Just Giving page and share with your family and friends.


Lots of people with gaming consoles will be occupying their time playing on computers, others will watch lots of TV and some Netflix, which is all good and well. But how about make it a little more challenging by taking part in a hobby marathon? Say 12 hours playing? 24 hours watching Netflix? You could set up a justgiving page and get people to sponsor you.

If people think that 12 hours would be easy for you simply select a duration that would be challenging. If you do this then stream it, share it and use the hashtag #InItTogether – Tag your friends and family and ask them to take on similar challenges.


Raise vital funds without even doing a thing! This is such a simple fundraising mechanism that we would encourage everyone to get involved. If you have a birthday on the horizon you can create a birthday fundraiser.

Similarly, if you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding, anniversary, christening or any other occasion then you can create a Facebook fundraiser and encourage your friends to donate in lieu of gifts. To create a facebook fundraiser, visit:


Some of you may wish to take on a “virtual trek” to get sponsorship and this can be easily done. Whether you choose to do the steps on your stairs, a step machine, or walking up and down a steep hill near your home. Ideas of challenges can be the following. All you’d need really is a pedometer so that you can take a photo to share with friends to demonstrate that you have completed the challenge.

Sponsored head shave

With the UK in lock-down why not grow your hair and do a sponsored head shave? Will you be brave enough to brave the shave? This is easy to do, just set up a fundraising page and away you go. You could even stream the actual shave live on social media for your friends to see.

Virtual bake-off

With plenty of time being spent at home now is the perfect time to get baking. You may not be able to host a gathering with your friends but you could still ask them for support by holding a virtual tea party maybe? Get your friends and family connected via Skype or WhatsApp.

Amazon Smile

Did you know that you can raise funds for us simply by shopping on Amazon Smile? The Amazon Foundation donate a certain percentage of every transaction so the more you spend the more we receive. Most people shop online now and this is a fantastic, highly effective way of raising funds. Visit and select The Pituitary Foundation – it’s quick and easy to do!

Sponsored weight loss

Many people may use this lockdown as an opportunity to lose weight by changing their diet and trying out new forms of exercise. Why not use this as an opportunity to boost your health whilst raising funds for a great cause at the same time? That would be a win:win situation, your health benefits and we receive support in the process.

(Your choice of luxury to give up for a month)

Could you refrain from something for a month? Maybe stop smoking? Stop drinking alcohol? Give up chocolate? If you were to refrain from any of these then it would have a positive impact on your health and you could raise funds in the process.

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