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The Pituitary Foundation’s 500 Faces

Events and community fundraising contribute to over a quarter of our total income and we anticipate being down over £100,000 as a result of Covid-19 and the cancellation/postponement of events.  

As a charity that needs to raise in the region of £400,000 each year, this is obviously a significant loss for us. We really need your support to help us get through this crisis. 

The Campaign

With this in mind we’ve come up with the Pituitary 500 Faces campaign. We want to recruit 500 people from our pituitary community to commit to raising at least £100.


You can choose to raise funds in any way you want or you can simply donate. How you reach the £100 is irrelevant but reaching it is going to be vital to the survival of your charity.

sign up!

To sign up for this campaign simply email sending a photo of yourself, if you’d prefer not to have your image displayed we can just use your name or send a picture that represents you or your activity.


With your support, our pituitary community, we will get through this crisis. Join in with the hashtag #InItTogether on all of our social media accounts.

Your faces

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