We are re-launching this campaign in the hope of reaching our original target of 500 Pituitary supporters. In 2020, the 304 supporters that rallied behind this campaign helped us raise £74,019. Now we are opening it back up and asking for your support once again, but this time we have lowered the threshold from a minimum donation or fundraising pledge of £100 to £50.


Why we need your support

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke in March 2020, we predicted that our income would disappear off a cliff, putting our charity at risk of folding as many other charities have over the last year. But, one year on, we are still here. And that’s thanks primarily to the support you showed through this campaign.

Unfortunately, the “cliff” moment that we predicted over a year ago has now arrived.

In the first quarter of 2021, our year-on-year figures for January to March were down over £60,000 versus the same period in 2020, meaning that our charity is currently experiencing its most difficult period since this pandemic broke. And that trend, rather worryingly, is continuing month on month. 

As a charity that needs to raise in the region of £400,000 each year, it would be an understatement to say that the loss incurred by this shortfall is significant. 


We want to reach the original target of 500 Pituitary Faces . In the process, it would be absolutely sensational if we could reach that magical £100,000 milestone.

That would be quite an achievement – and the exact kind of boost that we need right now to put some wind back in our sails.

Get involved

Donate £50 or pledge to raise a minimum of £50 through fundraising. E-mail your photograph to jay@pituitary.org.uk. Jay will then get your image added to this website. Please note: if you took part in 2020 and again in 2021, this will be included as two ‘faces’. Please provide another image so we can reach 500 faces! 

hall of fame

BONUS: If you take part again, having already contributed to Pituitary 500 Faces since its launch, you will be inducted into the 500 Faces Hall of Fame in recognition of your ongoing generosity and support! 


With your support, our pituitary community, we will get through this crisis. Join in with the hashtag #InItTogether on all of our social media accounts.

Your faces

Help us to get to 500 faces – and £100,000! Hover over the faces to find out more

We’ve reached 100 faces – THANK YOU!

We’ve reached 300 faces! Thank you!

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